Who Can Afford Full-Time Live-In Care?


Who Can Afford Full-Time Live-In Help for Their Family?

If you already have two or more children in day care and after-school programs, you will likely spend less with an OCR caregiver, and receive more in return: less stressmore flexibilitymore quality time with your family and they are accustomed to performing duties such as housekeeping, doing laundry, ironing and other extra help with your household.

It’s easy to accidentally break the rules with a daycare (picking up your child ten minutes late or early), and even as a grown adult, you feel like you’re ten years old and being called to the principal’s office again… When you hire a nanny, you never have that feeling. Your nanny is an extension of your family, not just an employee.

Most parents assume that they can’t afford to have a live-in (or out) caregiver, but this is only because they’ve never really looked into it. OCRA isn’t a high-priced service meant only for high-income families. Clients are average parents with regular jobs.

By speaking with Mel or Jason at the Ontario Caregiver Recruit Agency, you can be walked through the basics of what to expect for budget your child care.

Childcare expenses are deductible… $7000 per child under the age of 7, $4000 per child 7 yrs. old and older off the lowest income earner.

Please be advised tax write offs can always change…so please verify these numbers with your accountant for the up-to-date child care tax write-offs.