Overseas VS. Local Caregivers: The Real Difference


Oversease VS Local Caregivers: The Real Difference

Criteria Overseas Caregiver Local Caregiver/PR Nannies
Education Higher education, teachers, nurses, midwifery, physical therapist, commerce, etc. Various levels of skill and education
Training & Experience Six Month’s Caregiver Training Course plus practical work experience Some with experience
Salaries, Wages $2600-$3500 $3600-$4000
Commitment Long term commitment, minimum of 2 years No commitment (can leave any time)
Availability Abundant supply of International caregivers Extreme shortage of caregivers
Time, Schedules Flexible time and schedule May not be as flexible with schedules
Location Willing to relocate, caregivers don’t mind where families live (rural vs urban etc) May not be as willing to relocate
Oversease VS Local Caregivers Chart