Cost of a Full-Time, Live-In Caregiver

Most people have never considered hiring a nanny/caregiver because they believed it would be too expensive for their family to afford. However, the truth surprises most families who contact OCRA.

A Nanny/Caregiver is actually far more cost effective with increased flexibility, especially if the family has multiple children in daycare, a family member with special needs, or an elderly loved one in a nursing home. The detailed payroll chart below was designed to give you a better understanding of the monthly cost of having a full time nanny (for child care).

For ELDERLY CARE – the prevailing rate depending on the region where you belong. Please contact the JobBank, or call us for further information.

Base on Bi-Weekly Payroll New Payroll Deductions Online Calculator for January, 2019 Ontario
Standard hours of work per week (40 hrs x 2 wks) 80
Hourly Rates: $16
Gross Bi-Weekly Wages: $1280
Room and Board – Free of Charge $0
Deductions & contribution from Nanny/Caregiver salary & employer remittance to CCRA…
Employer Bi-Weekly Contribution:
Canada Pension Plan (CPP): $60.13
Employment Insurance (EI): $28.31
Total Employer Contribution to CCRA: $88.44
Nanny/Caregiver Bi-Weekly Contribution  
Federal Tax: $96.44
Provincial Tax: $51.18
Canada Pension Plan (CPP) $60.13
Employment Insurance (EI) $20.22
Total Caregiver Contribution to CCRA $227.97
Employer Bi-Weekly Remittances to CCRA: $316.41
Net Bi-Weekly Pay to Caregiver: $1052.03
Total Bi-Weekly Cost for Employer $
Total Monthly Cost of Caregiver In Your Household
(Net monthly salary $2104.06 plus taxes $632.82)
Caregiver Payroll Chart

*All numbers and details are subject to change due to government regulations changes. However, we make it our job to stay as up to date as humanly possible so that these numbers are as close as they can be.