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Ontario Caregiver Recruit Agency

About Us

Ontario Caregiver Recruit Agency Inc. is a reputable licensed agency specializing in Live-in Nannies/Caregivers. We provide professional services for families in need of child care and for seniors needed special personal and household assistance. OCRA has established links with certified caregivers in Kitchener, Ontario, Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Israel, Indonesia, Denmark, Taiwan, Thailand and Saudi Arabia, and various other locations.

OCRA processes only the candidates that fully meet requirements by CIC and policies required by our agency. OCRA is your agency that can do direct hiring of Filipino nannies from overseas, based in different countries.


  • To connect the best possible caregivers with the busy, growing families that need them the most.
  • To help parents learn how to get help for themselves, their household, and their children, without sacrificing the quality of time spent as a family.
  • To help local caregivers find families who need help, where they may have a positive impact.
  • To help provide a rewarding, uplifting way of life and standard of living to Filipino nannies/caregivers from overseas.
  • To provide care giving services that go above and beyond all expectations that parents have for their family by focusing on fun, learning, nutrition and love.
  • To offer care giving services that are an extension of the family unit, not a replacement of one.



OCRA does proper screening of the applicants, interview, and give personalized assistance in the completion of the requirements and documentations. Proper training of caregivers on child care, general household works and first aid. OCRA is able to do extensive references and background checks.

We guarantee education, experience, and formal training. Our applicants have more experience because they've worked full time for many years, as caregivers.

We guarantee that if things do not work out, we can find a replacement, provided that the client has obeyed the provincial labor standards and human rights laws in Canada. We have the capability to match our qualified candidates you are looking for.